A People's Belief

A-Good-World-for-All (AGWA)



OURISM is the new generation spirituality of the world's humanity which enables you to live a life with a TRUE purpose and fulfillment. OURISM is The People's spirituality, newly discovered and distinct in that  it defines OUR true LIFE-PURPOSE that has eluded thousands of spiritualities for thousands of years yet which is inherently and simply aligned into our life in living it for others through a 'for-life' lifestyle. This incorporates the age-old and life-long attributes of  love, compassion, forgiveness, generosity, fairness, honesty, care, sympathy and selfless towards OUR fellow humanity and all life. OURISM portrays a true and UNIQUE God/Goddess within each one of OURSELVES but denounces the universal and one-size-fits-all god. This is because no two people have ever seen any said god together in the same place at the same time, therefore no two people can claim a belief of worshiping any one god together.

Any god you heard about or read about from any person or written text is the god of the narrator or writer of that text as portrayed by him/her through his/her imagination/vision and therefore such a god does not belong or have anything to do with you the listener or reader since you only recreate and retain a totally different imagination of the preacher's or narrator's image. In TRUTH, when we want to speak of a true god, we are referring to OUR own GOD/GODDESS as we, OURSELVES, imagine him/her within OUR own mind and it is not possible to share this exact same mental imagination/vision.

In other words we have as many Gods and Goddesses as there are believers, with each believer having his/her own unique Godly image of him/her or, simply put, we are all Gods and Goddesses since we make or undo this God/Goddess in a way we feel we want him/her to be part of us. How you imagine your God/Goddess is not how your child or parents or church member imagines his/her God/Goddess. You are the TRUE God/Goddess since you make or create your own God/Goddess in your mind and that God/Goddess is yours alone.

Within this modern/post-modern era, in a 21st century civilisation, it is now becoming obvious to realise that old religious and spiritual belief systems that preached a universal, one-size-fits-all god, have miserably failed humanity in their sole mandate to instill spirituality into OUR broader sense of living as the human race. They have misled humanity into a dead end up to the point where we are looking a stock piles of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons of mass destruction, millions of destitutes and suffering across the world, massive environmental degradation, etc. Despite the fact that billions of the world's 7 billion people are religious, many more are sinners; cheating, lying, murdering, rasping, depriving, exploiting, oppressing, suppressing, etc. Allegiance to a religion has simply evolved into a fashion statement whereby spirituality is simply turned on and off into a short 'holy-mode' or 'prayer-mode' after which one goes back about his/her normal life of dealing with his/her 'enemies', 'non-believers' etc. Not even a single soul would have entered the proverbial heaven based on life after death if at all it had existed. The existing ineffective religious and spiritual belief systems are outdated, power/material-hungry machines that can no-longer be entrusted with the custodianship of the spirituality of humanity in OUR modern generation and that of OUR future humanity. For the last five thousand years, humanity has had a raw deal when it comes to spirituality which has remained un-evolved in its format with not much to show to this end while all other areas of human interest such as Science, Politics, Commerce, etc have progressively advanced by leaps and bounds. Now is OUR time for us to establish the long over-due overhauling or scraping of this outdated and ineffective spiritual/religious belief system because for the first time in thousands of years, we have one of the most viable and modern/futuristic alternative spirituality system of OURISM to bring forth the kind of lifestyle that will enable all of humanity to live fulfilled and feel at home on OUR own mother Earth or any other place in the universe. If we let these religious systems and beliefs that have failed humanity for over 5000 years to continue into another 1000 years of the future yet we have come to know the truths, then the future generations will not forgive OUR generation for having been so short-sighted and inconsiderate to disregard the opportunity and allowing further degradation of humanity.

 OUR belief is projected towards a lot of exciting times ahead and through it, you will grow and change yourself as an individual as well as the world after making your choice to live by life's TRUE purpose, achieving fulfillment and true happiness while aiming for the ideal of turning all misery around ourselves into A-Good-World-for-All for OURSELVES by OURSELVES (AGWA).

Make this goodness your own belief, share ideas, avail yourself to spread the truth every day and you will never look back again. We are open to all humanity; faiths, races, traditions, genders, cultures, political affiliations or sexual orientations on board as we believe that every human is important as the next with a PURPOSE to fulfill for the advancement of humanity. We shall be availing resources including more literature to strengthen your spirituality in your journey to staying true to your life's purpose as well as opportunities that will benefit you personally as you begin in your new generation of changing the world.

Desist from any Anti-life activity towards fellow humans, see others as deserving of the highest respect and honour of the true Gods/Goddesses and you will be rewarded with lifetime fulfillment, completeness and satisfaction as a true God/Goddess into eternity without witnessing eternal self-torment after a hope in the false promise of a second life after you die as promised to humanity for the last 5000 years by the ancient spiritualities of the dead and after life. Humanity needs a modern spirituality that only concentrates and focuses on the needs for the life of the living rather than the dead and their rewards after death. This modern and future Spirituality is OURISM into A-Good-World-for-All.

"Sometimes it falls upon a generation to be great, you can be that great generation". ~Mandela, AGWA.